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"When this whole thing started what kept me up at night is the possibility of mass casualties in our community," Riya Ortiz told Newsweek.
"We're not selling anything," Sacco said Tuesday. "Every single bit of this is donation-only or nothing."
"I almost cried," said a user of Six Feet Supplies, a charity started by teenagers who shop for those susceptible to COVID-19.
Travelers can still explore the world while binge-watching these travel TV shows in home isolation. Thanks to streaming services, we can virtually send ourselves to nearly any and every part of the planet in just a few clicks.
From scale-covered pangolins to 170-year-old tortoises to miniature two-pound foxes, take a peek at the world's most unique creatures on every continent from the safety of your couch.
How's your sourdough starter looking? Take a look at these drool-worthy photos for baking ideas we found via Bread Instagram—some don't even require yeast (which is hard to find these days).

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